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the miracle cure to satisfy that which plagues you.
I need some bowliosis to cure that hangover.
by mfmike February 09, 2008
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having a chronic bowl hair cut. Anyone who sustains the bowl cut for longer than two weeks can officially be diagnosed with benevolent bowliosis. the only known cure is a pair of scissors and or clippers. survivers of bowliosis often face ridicule during the weeks following recovery.
"dude did you see jordans new haircut?"
"yeah, devastating case of bowliosis.."
by christophermc March 25, 2010
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Getting bent out of shape because it's way past time to have a bowl. Kind of like hangry, but with weed replacing food.
"My mood has been awful all day, and I don't know why." "You've got bowliosis! I've got an edible here if you want one."
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by dickbuttyoloswag420 October 08, 2018
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