A kick ass punk band from New Jersey. Around since 1987. www.bouncingsouls.com
Famous for a great appreciation of 80's culture, addidas, and BMX.
Nothing can be compared with the bouncing souls, so don't try to use it to describe anything.
by Izzy from Tampa February 11, 2004
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One of the greatest bands in the world.
Don't touch my cd player, i'm listening to "Argyle" by the Bouncing Souls!
by shawn May 18, 2004
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the greatest fucking punk band in the entire world since '87. greg(vocals), the pete(guitar), bryan a.k.a. papillion(bass), and mike(drums). started chunksaah records.
"bouncing souls, noone can beat us, we drink beer and wear addidas!"
by QuickCheck Girl June 11, 2004
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the best motherfuckin band ever, they play punk and they been around for a hella long time, and they still rock.
"i've met some people along the way some of em split some of em stay some of them walk some walk on by i've got a few friends i love till i die"
by dmitry February 8, 2005
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One Who Takes A Special Liking To The (VERY AWESOME) Punk Band, The Bouncing Souls...For More Information On The Bouncing Souls, See bouncing souls or...www.bouncingsouls.com
by David Towle June 5, 2004
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