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v. to exit a location/situation. The letter "z" is often added to make the term even more ghettofied.
"Aight, this shit is whack, I'mma bizounce.
by Nelai April 04, 2003
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1.) To depart.
2.) To have an air of style, fashion, progressiveness, coolness, hipness, spunk, and moxy.
1.) I am getting a bit tired of this party, let's bounce.
a. Others may not see it but I think that Anna has bounce.
b. "We've got more bounce in California than all y'all combined." from the song by Soul Kid #1 "More Bounce"
by Niles January 22, 2004
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to leave or exit; bouncin - the act of leaving or exiting.
"It's late, I'm gonna bounce."
by Jen L. September 14, 2005
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1) To arrive or leave a destination.
2) The result of cashing cheques when you have insufficient funds within a financial institution
3) A dance move practiced by bad dancers to find rhythm
"Ima bounce to her Crib"

"Sorry sir, your cheque bounced"

"bounce to this shit! what! what!"
by Mook-Flap August 28, 2003
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The infamous hip hop parody video of DJ Danga, MC D LOVE, KJ2, BRP, and Nick J. Released on October 16th 2009 on Youtube, this video is fly and make yo pants go tight.
Person one sings: "B to O to the U to the N to the C to the E, wait I can't dance?"

Person two: "That's okay, we'll show you how to bounce!
by Disney Secrets Gal October 17, 2009
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