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Slang in Christchurch new zealand, for when you get into a fight and hit your opponent in the head/face with a bottle
man dude, me and the boys were up town the other night and this fool got "bottled"
by physiKARL August 09, 2005
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The act of having broken a beer bottle over someone's head. This word is predominately used in South(ie) Boston. i.e. Breakin a beeah bottle ovah a head.

bottling : The act of breaking a beer bottle over someone's head.

1) That girl got bottled on her way home from the bar (bah).

2) I bottled my ex-boyfriend when he showed up at my bar (bah).

3) Mark Wahlberg bottled the New Kids on the Block. It was wicked pissah.

4) The Boston Cops saw some kids getting bottled and laughed.
by Michelle Sloane April 13, 2007
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Hit by a water bottle, with particular reference to an entertainer being hit by a water bottle thrown by someone in the audience
The lead singer left the stage after he had been booed and bottled.
by dandy dinmont March 12, 2010
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Another word used to describe the effects you are under when either drunk or high.
Steve: So what did you guys do last night?
Jimmy: Man, I can barely remember! We we're so bottled!
by pariso January 24, 2008
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Internet slang/lingo for when someone gets tricked into going to the shock site
You should have seen the look on Neil's face when he got bottled yesterday!
by Carabas - Lewl October 10, 2006
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