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You back up your car and accidentally crash it into your friend's car parked on the street. Another friend says, "You sure borgled that one!"
by Cyprus Denton Fekks January 12, 2010
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An exclamation normally used to express victory or glee. sometimes used in conjuction with pelvic thrusts or a fist in the air.

It has been fabled that the warlord Genghis Khan would shout this before he entered battle, as a way of preparing his army for death.

Another origin of this seemingly atomic explosion of pure joy and wonder, is that extra-terrestrials from somewhere in the Alpha Centauri system, embarked on a multi-lightyear journey. Eventually making it to earth and bestowing human kind with the unbelievable greatness that is Borgle.
Man 1: A king cobra just bit me!
Man 2: Borgle! *Pelvic thrusts*

Genghis Khan: Assemble men and prepare to die! Borgle!

Alien 1: Zeep zoop beezlp
Alien 2: Xcvhat breemt lkagc, Borgle!
by Teh War Hero October 20, 2009
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A rare dog breed that represents some cross between a border collie and a beagle.

Although traits from either breed may be more dominant, borgles are often the size of a beagle, with a border collie tail (curled upward) and colorings (black and white).
Person 1: Did you see that cool dog? I think it was a border collie!
Person 2: No way, that was definitely a beagle!
Person 3: You're idiots, that was definitely a borgle!
by jerwilt1 April 13, 2008
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form the mind of mimnaugh we got "borgle"
"borgle borgle borgle borgle... I have no idea what that was.. but it was siad. so there. borgle"
by Melly November 12, 2004
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