when you're so bored you fool around on urban dictionary and end up reading this
i will not use it in a sentence because that's what capitalism wants me to do

fuck it won't let me publish unless i say boredom
by poiface32 August 06, 2019
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If you're looking up the definition of boredom, then you're probably a victim of it. Boredom is very contagious and anyone who has been around it must be cautious. Symptoms of boredom: searching up random definitions. Lying on you're couch writing a definition of boredom... oh wait. That's what I'm doing...welp. I've been contaminated with boredom. The only hope I have is a thumbs up... I know that's cheesy, but I'm bored OK?

Boredom is boring.
Thumbs up if you feel sorry for me because of boredom or if you're bored as well.
by Thy_Turtle_Master June 26, 2017
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When there are many options for fun you cannot consider possible.
Man: I having trouble with my own boredom.

Woman: Try going to a movie.

Man: That costs money.

Woman: Cooking?

Man: Could burn myself.

Woman: Sewing?

Man: A noose?

Woman: Then what?

Man: Do something that would make me ever more bored then now.

Woman: Okay.
by Ereck Flowers May 23, 2015
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Boredem is what leads to excessive Masterbation to every attractive teacher you knew.
I am so suffering from boredom right now, I think I'll whip out that yearbook picture of Ms. Jane.
by Christopher Sanders November 17, 2005
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This is a terrifying thing to talk about, I personally have traveled a great length to share this with you all. It is something that spreads like a virus and can affect anyone. At the moment, there is no cure. Just distractions that will slow down the effect. Statistically speaking, almost 100% of people who have died have been bored (the way you refer to someone suffering from boredom) which eventually lead to their death. Boredom has cost many people their lives since it can also cause something many people refer to as "I was bored so I did something stupid...now my leg is broken".

As you can see, boredom has caused many, many deaths and countless injuries. If you find yourself with boredom just go and distract yourself.

Distractions recommended by doctors: YouTube, Drawing, Driving a car underage, Swimming, Tormenting your younger siblings, Writing definitions on Urban Dictionary, Messing with Wikipedia, and many more. To find out more visit clickclickclick.click

To support research on this supposedly incurable virus, please like and protect yourself and others from this disease.
Person 1: I am sooooo bored
Person 2: OMG!!! I better call the ER!!
Person 1: Eventually dies at some point in life
News Reporters: Another death that might have been caused by BOREDOM
by the better {anonymous} June 25, 2019
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When facebook or myspace isn't working.
Since boredom has occured, i now have to go on Twitter.
by MiloDear April 12, 2010
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