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by ChefJL February 05, 2005
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You looked this up because you were bored and randomly typed 'bored' into the search box in the hope to kill your boredom and have just found out it didn't work. That is the definition of bored.
If you really are bored, the answer is get off the PC and go get some fresh air!
by Lana (is cool) October 28, 2008
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When one finds oneself with a bleak prospect of intimacy and/or coitus and has little to nothing to do as to distract oneself from painfully dwelling on such.
"I'm sick of merely occupying this computer! I'm categorically bored! I need nooky!"
by Chadeo April 18, 2009
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A state of mind that causes you to feel the inner desire to sleep but not be able to. To scream, but your vocal chords won't open wide enough to allow the sound and you do random things such as stalk facebook users you barely or dont know and/or picking youre nose with chopsticks. If you are feeling one or many of those symptoms. You are one of two things:

1- Bored .
2- Have no life .
3- Both .
So today I wake up and look at my clock that read 7: 45. I thought, I dont feel like getting up right now, wait til' 8. 8 comes along and I'm still staring at the clock waiting for the seconds to pass while my mother is upstairs baking PANCAKES . (which I got cold because of my boredom)
by The GREAT potato :) September 23, 2009
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Why you looked this up
Dude im so bored, Im gonna go jerk off in the corner.
by Stichman May 19, 2017
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Brink of insanity. Actually capitalized letters to take up time while typing. How you feel now, and how you'll feel twenty years from now.
Person 1-How r u?
Person 2-I'm so damn BoReD.
by Kay~ August 22, 2007
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Watching youtube.com for hours hoping it will bring you some form of entertainment.
John "Dude I'm so bored"
Jack " I know, lets watch some youtube"
by AR5734 March 14, 2009
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