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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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a female that gives oral pleasure regularly; one who "bops"; a hoe
"I heard that girl was a bopper!"
"Just flash ya wallet, and that bitch will get to boppin quick1"
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
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hoes that like to suck the cock. see also chickenhead.
Ima show stoppa, so i get alota boppas
by H-town Representa! August 24, 2003
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One who often fist fights, or is often willing to fist fight; a street fighter, often affiliated with a gang. Derived from the slang verb "bop", which means: to punch. Strictly defined in the 1979 movie "The Warriors". Not to be mistaken with bobber
Tommy's mother was worried that the boppers hanging out on the street corner would steal his new shoes.

Dallas gave Jeff a bop on the head because he kept on talking during the movie.
by Vincent Gervais August 09, 2006
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Junior high or high school aged girls sporting plastic, childish backpacks. Common characters are Dora the Explorer, Tinker Bell, Sleeping Beauty, Lilo and Stitch and any other popular Disney characters.
Look at that bopper's backpack! It's so cute. I love Dora the Explorer.
by AnniexCore May 18, 2008
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