To be so good at video games that it's like you are drunk with power.
"DAMN did you see him just ace that cal i team? That was so boozey!"
by Kyle "KSharp" Miller March 7, 2006
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Falling asleep (sometimes passing out) after a night of drinking and waking up a few hours later feeling rested and refreshed.

Very similar to beauty sleep, except booze was involved prior to sleeping... and last night's memory might be blurry or non-existent.

Antonym: hang over
Dude, I need to get my boozey sleep. I got work in 5 hours!

I hate people who don't get hang overs and have a boozey sleep instead!
by ollywood August 31, 2012
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A right geezer who loves gatherings and booze
My god did you see that boozey boi Niall today?
by Bipolar boy October 14, 2017
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A good time with friends where no movement occurs and many units are consumed. Normally in a lounge.
Let’s have a boozey legend tonight!
by Suavs January 12, 2018
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1. A drunkard (I.E.- "Stupid Drunk Bastard") who games online, without thought to others who have to endure his general drunken retardation, the fact that he never shuts the hell up, and loves EVERYONE.

2. Anyone you know needing AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

Which would be everyone you know.

3. The coolest person to ever play Call of Duty: World at War. He is a his own mind.
1- Dude, dig Boozey McLiver. You would think the dumbass would go HOME to get wasted instead of a curb, and a paper sack.....

2- Oh man. Boozey McLiver got on last night, and tore a new poopchute in LowenTard. He acted dumb as hell!

3- Seriously, Vikings shouldn't drink like fish and play FPS games, you noobzor.
by OneEyedGodzilla May 24, 2009
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The act of texting people you know after a night of drinking and wanting them to come to your house to continue to party.
Attention, "Boozey Text ", looking for people to come party at my house, see you soon.
by Drunk right now August 22, 2010
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A cultural phenomenon, to be a part of which includes becoming sufficiently hounded and clubbing for those cognitive enough. The night ends deep into the AM at the persons house closest to the city, and the morning after involves watching tv and feasting on mcdonalds breakfast.
Ryz: How was hooray for boozey weekends IV?

Joe: Pretty good, Eso is a lightweight and couldnt get out of the cab.

Ryz: Haha, Chris threw up on a wall and got into a club. Hooray for boozey weekends!
by D1rtface March 28, 2009
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