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1. A drunkard (I.E.- "Stupid Drunk Bastard") who games online, without thought to others who have to endure his general drunken retardation, the fact that he never shuts the hell up, and loves EVERYONE.

2. Anyone you know needing AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

Which would be everyone you know.

3. The coolest person to ever play Call of Duty: World at War. He is a legend.....in his own mind.
1- Dude, dig Boozey McLiver. You would think the dumbass would go HOME to get wasted instead of a curb, and a paper sack.....

2- Oh man. Boozey McLiver got on last night, and tore a new poopchute in LowenTard. He acted dumb as hell!

3- Seriously, Vikings shouldn't drink like fish and play FPS games, you noobzor.
by OneEyedGodzilla May 23, 2009
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Direct usurpation of the name/word: Blofeld from the James Bond 007 movies of yore.

Generally denotes a "Noob"/"Nub"/"Noobzor"/"Cabbage" player/opponent in online FPS, who has no skill, but proceeds to play at any rate, increasingly so badly, others go Napolean Dynamite and get worse as well (even skilled players).

Used in conjunction with any Seinfeld episode that Kramer isn't in.
Dude, I swear to God that Cabbage is so evilly bad he is straight up Blowfeld.......

You suck so bad, you Blowfeld.
by OneEyedGodzilla May 23, 2009
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A person/persons containing no outward skill in FPS online games. Generally considered to be autistic, who have no defensive strategy (E.G.- Call of Duty, etc.) and only possess simple-minded "RNG"/"Spray & Pray" offensive capabilities.

Usually considered harmless unless doing "Jihadi Jim" or similar "Bonzai" styled charges with fully automatic weapons. They do, however, make excellent cannon fodder for skilled players of any game.

Explanation- Called "NubCabbage" because they are not quite skilled enough to be true "N00bs" (hence, "Nubs"), but ARE skilled enough to be a Cabbage carrying a Bayonet attached to an Sub-Machine Gun, coupled with the willingness to die......often.

Variation: NUBCabbage- Song by Captain Slappy & Toadkiller Dog.
Jesus, this nubcabbage is rolling all over with a Peppashaw, and dying faster than he can spawn!

Man.......dig the skill these nubcabbages have!
by OneEyedGodzilla May 23, 2009
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A wannabe hacker. One who has no online gaming or hacking skill, and in their gayness to acquire it, downloads epic amounts of Pr0n & unskilled toastering 'Bots and Wallz. They become "Hackfags", in search of "Teh Cawks".

Afterwards, they may revert to the primordial state of "Hacktard". Neither should be approached as literate, but probably illegitimate. In the wild, they run in moderately large packs primarily consisting of autistic 10-15 year olds.
ZOMG, Jimmy! U jst epic pwned Jerry with your noobzor lazors & bots! HACKFAG!
by OneEyedGodzilla May 23, 2009
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