A distillation of esoteric mysticism from various cultures that provides for a means of enlightenment by cultivating erotic energies and celebrating the sex act: without desire their is no liberation; without liberation their is no life; without sex their is neither liberation nor life.
Go to a yoga class and look at all the booty. Bootyism gives one a reason to live and strive. Attaining the highest experience of booty: bliss and dissolution of the ego in union with the object of ones desire and ones inner sensuality is to achieve a taste of ultimate liberation and enlightenment.
by kulananda July 12, 2013
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The gospel according to Beyonce. Often confused with Buddhism.
Todd: I'm thinking about converting to Bootyism.

Michael: Nah man, it's BUDDHISM.

Todd: No, cause in Bootyism all you do is worship ass.
by Marfdin April 20, 2010
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another way of sharing your care of love with a friend
We need to share some bootyism with Tayler and Jessica.
by Jessica December 17, 2003
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A religion where it a sin to be buttnaked unless alone. Also a sin to offend the booty. Rules
-Respect the booty
-Clean the booty
-See the booty

-Love the booty
-Take care of the booty

-Be the booty
Girl 1:Hey, are you a part of bootyism?
Girl 2:Yeahhh, respect the booty
by Bootyism May 15, 2018
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