National eat ass day is on April 30th. This tradition started not too long ago, a very important day many would agree. On April 30 2017 it was Kylie Jenner’s first time eating ass. We all celebrate this day because of her. She ate it so well.
Kylie Jenner : hey Rob guess what it’s national eat ass day

Rob Kardashian: what’s that?
Kendall Jenner: it’s the day Kylie first ate ass
Rob Kardashian: no...*backs away*
Kylie Jenner: Rob seriously it was on the show, your so forgetful!
Rob Kardashian: look I’m sorry ok
Kylie Jenner: ok well I forgive you but today you have to eat an ass
Rob Kardashian: wat
Kylie Jenner: every April 30th everyone eats ass to honor the day I first at ass
Rob Kardashian: ohhh
by IEATASS666 May 26, 2018
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