a boosnatcher is a person that steals the boos
Look! Megan is trying to hit on Tina's boyfriend. She's such a BOOSNATCHER.
by VEGGIE SQUAD 2K18 February 5, 2018
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Somebody’s day who snatches your boos without permission.
Omg, I saw Edna with my boyfriend, she’s such a boosnatcher!
by Veggies 2k18 March 13, 2018
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A word to call someone else so they won't know what it means to throught hem off in an insult fight. Also is useful as an alternative to cussing near teachers or if u don't want to.
Ivan!! You are such a boosnatch!!!
by Greg G. November 4, 2005
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Another word for b****. You could call someone who is likeable and has a good sense of humour a boosnatch
Jonah is such a boosnatch!
by boosnatch March 5, 2021
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