1) An adjective that describes a person, place or think that is better than awesome. 2) An Adjective that describes a video game with many boop like sounds.
by El gringo October 19, 2012
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The movement a bird makes while on the ground. Usually small, quick hops and jumps.
oh boy, that bird is boopin so fast looking for food!
by Fandastis July 31, 2016
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Gloopin' Boopin' is a term used for when you're doing really well at a video game of lower-difficulty.
"Wow, I'm totally fucking Gloopin' Boopin' these noobs! God I love Infinite Warfare."
by Flippy Flop-Flop April 22, 2017
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To maintain a relaxed, grounded, positive attitude toward life. To continue or promote a “chill vibe” when amongst like minded people, or differently minded people. Booping can be used to describe a jovial and unperturbed disposition, or to describe a “flow state” that one might achieve while performing an activity such as biking or drinking cold beers. A phrased used as a parting greeting, or more traditionally as a rallying cry for the chillers and the people who “get it.” Keep it Boopin’ was originally coined by a Nashville artist, but is widely in use by almost all cool people.
“Great party man, Keep it boopin!”

“Keep it boopin with the booze, keep it boopin with the bud, just gotta keep it boopin.”

“We all get arrested for public nudity sometimes man, you just gotta put this behind you and keep it boopin.”
by Scoot’s Toots October 09, 2019
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