A combination of "poon" (as in pwn pronounced differently) and "bone"
#1: that chick is so hot
by Alvin Mak March 05, 2008
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The fat, crazy female out of the group of girls. Most frequently seen at bars or sleazy parties.
That bitch Liz... what a boon she is. She might as well change her last name to Boon.
by DetroitWhaaaaat February 28, 2011
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A stupid moron who will never and has never had a girl friend and spends hiw whole life playing video games. He is also known to run around going "Nerrrrr" or "Jail?". He is also a lazy mofo.
What the hell? What the f**k is Boon doing now, he's such a moron?
by Omble February 26, 2004
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A more compact way of sayin Baboon.
Stop monkeying round like a B00n
Yeh,i had a great time at the zoo,i saw loadsa b00ns!
by Da_Butcha July 27, 2003
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a set of well rounded, proportionate, breast.
Look at the boons on her!

she has gargantuan boons!

her huge boons give her a perfect figure eight body.
by pappy2k November 16, 2010
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(!) A derogatory exclamation made to express revulsion or disappointment to a person who's acting like a 14-year old boy.
Person#1: "OMG PLZ!!!!11 HAXX0RZ!! UR SUCH A NOOB!!
Person#2: "Boon."
by Eirik Jakobsen July 18, 2003
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