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simply means "everything is alright, relax"

was invented by a crazy ass maniac 200 years ago when he tried to send an email to his granny, asking for 10 apples.
Dude: Whoa, holy shite, I hope my gf doesn't find out that i screwed her mom last night, fuck...

Other dude: Man don't worry, the spider is on the bookshelf.
by t.nu August 26, 2009
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An (intentional) misspelling of "doesn't", used to intensify your statement. Usually shows that you strongly disagree (or that you're a retard who can't spell properly).
*Guy One keys teacher's car*
Guy Two: Stop that, I know he's an asshat, but that doenst make it right!
by t.nu September 12, 2011
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to dictate a country;

not to be confused with "dicktatoring", which means something entirely different.
Kim Il-sung is dictatoring North Korea;

Hitler dictatored Germany;

History teaches us that sooner or later, every dictatored society falls;
by t.nu April 4, 2012
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