Started as a meme on 4chan and was then adopted by other fantasists who still live at home with their parents. Just like other fringe movements that started on 4chan. Such as the Incel movement. The boogaloo bois also have martyrs like Duncan Lemp.

The boogaloo bois look tough while posing for pictures wearing Hawaiian shirts, with tac vests and armed with AR style rifles. As they recently found out though. In Texas playing make believe Civil War 2 is very different from having a Texas SWAT team complete with an APC pointing guns at you.

All 7 heavily armed boogaloo boys surrendered and were arrested. It seems that when their chance came for martyrdom they didn't want to boogaloo. Because this started as a 4chan meme if they do have to back out of confrontations again they can just claim they are trolling. Or being ironic and that the police cannot take a joke. Maybe they can try that next time?
While most of the Boogaloo bois are all talk my concern is that just like the Q Anon and Incel cults there will be members unhinged enough to commit acts of homicidal violence.

Being a Boogaloo boi online is much safer than being one IRL in Texas.
by rapor May 31, 2020
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Hawaiian shirt wearing gun activists that protest gun rights and freedom of ownership
That protest got out of control when the boogaloo bois started shooting
by 6330 October 24, 2020
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Boogaloo boys, are a common form of basement creeper, with an obsessive fetish for pretending they’re Mel Gibson from “The Patriot” but not having enough balls to actually do anything.
“Those Boogaloo boys are at it again, acting tough on social media while hiding in the closet with their neck beards...”
by TheFreakonomic June 11, 2020
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Miserable white men with beards who never grown out of playing soldiers. They hate everything except chicken tendies, guns and cops. They hate everyone, especially themselves and spend their days nurturing their violent rage, conjuring mentally deranged conspiracy theories, drinking, masturbating to hentai and spewing verbal diarrhea at each other.

A Boogaloo boy might want to form a militia and go to the hairdresser during covid-19, despite having no friends or hair.
by Nutme Naym May 3, 2020
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