The state of not being able to use your legs..... or having no legs at all.
Person 1: Dude, get up.
Person 2: Halp! I'm lemp!
by lempkidlikestacos January 25, 2010
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a combination of hemp and a lamp
also a sexual thing u stick in your urethra.
i like lemps............alot, i like putting them in my urethra... bro
by rimmie March 3, 2008
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When a male jacks off to a porno in the privacy of his room and a female walks in and the male is at the point of ejaculation turns around and squirts cum into the females eye
Johey was in his room during his "Private Time" when Claire walked in Johey was scared an accidently performed a Lempe Knockout on Claire.
"Claire you dumb hoe now i gotta rush your bimbo ass to the hospital because of my Lempe Knockout.
by Hey Tits Imeanwut December 1, 2008
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