commonly used in the east bay ( bay area, California) a whore,chickenhead stupid female
ay man don't mess wit dat boo boo head my cuz twisted her out last week
by BayAreaPryncess March 01, 2004
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1. a. a person with many "boo boos" or cuts and his/her head.
b. a person that has an abnormal and somewhat "crazy" personality.
2. what young children like to call people when they are making an insult and are not allowed to use actual insults (ex. idiot, stupid, etc).
1. My little sister calls my dad a booboo head. What she really means is "stupid idiot!"
2. That crazy guy has so many cuts on his head, he's such a booboo head.
by whatchaknowboutme May 01, 2009
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a girl that enjoys getting around, is very shallow, and just a bitch in general.
Jane cheats on her man, bitches at him constantly for nothing, and refuses to talk to any person that doesn't buy clothes from Holister. Jane is a booboohead.
by AK-BITTY-7 November 29, 2006
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A romantic partner that annoys you in a cute way. It's often used in an endearing way.
When your partner starts to nag, you can cut he/her off and say "Stop being such a boo boo head!"
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by booboohead and booboohead June 11, 2018
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A term of endearment used toward a small baby or child. Often times in the context of them doing something cute.
Ahhhh look at my little boo boo head taking his first steps, he's so cute!
by Matrixology August 10, 2009
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