A Bonus Mom is a woman who helps her boyfriend or husband co-parent his children from another mama. Bonus Moms wipe butts, read bedtime stories, pull splinters out of tiny fingers, cook, go to Little League games, endure minigolf, craft, and do all the other things that birth moms do during their time with the kids. Generally bonus moms have a cordial relationship with the birth mom and joins in at birthday parties and big events. Bonus moms and the corresponding birth moms approach co-parenting from the belief that a kids can't have too many people who love them in their lives.
"I feel fortunate that my ex chose someone who has welcomed my kids into her life. I feel relief that my kids want to spend time with her. I feel lucky that there is another person who loves my kids and wants to be a part of their lives everyday, and especially, on Mother’s Day. Because there could never be too many people loving my kids. Bonus mom. How lucky. For all of us." (via motherinchief)
by zmus August 3, 2011
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what hoes who be stealing fathers away from children/husbands from their wives be calling themselves to make their stupid selves feel better
1) Leann Rimes, instead of just tweeting a Happy Mother's Day wish; just had to prove once again what a ho she was by calling herself a "bonus mom"

"I'm excited for Bonus Mom Day..Happy Mother's day weekend to all the Mom's out there. "The 'Bonus Moms', Godmother's, Grandmothers and anyone who is a woman who helps love and raise children."

2) Whatever happened to just being called a step mother? What, stealing men ain't enough for hoes now, they gotta be stealing mommy status away from actual mothers now, too?
by NYC619 May 10, 2011
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Any person of female gender that that is a good role model that did not give birth to you. This can mean in the general sense of giving good motherly advice and/or warm, nurturing feelings ranging to actually helping to raise you with all of your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.
For example, my best friend's mom feels like my own because she helped raise me. Therefore, 'Momma Malik' is a bonus mom to me. Another example, my teacher is always giving good words of wisdom, I consider her a bonus mom.
by The giant in the room September 10, 2020
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Bonus Mom a term used by white women who want to make themselves feel better while taking care of their partners previous children.

Bonus Mom a disrespectful term used by white middle-class women to make themselves feel more important in their stepchildren's lives.
I'm not her stepmom, I'm her bonus Mom!
by Minusdad June 24, 2019
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