Means that this person is the one who is going to make your day; the guy that has a good sex with his 14 inch penis;the person with this last name is going to be ther sexiest person around
"Good god is that guy part of the bonilla family cause he is fine !!"
by cornshirt cupcake November 25, 2009
Smells bad has fungus on his neck calls everyone bru nickname mugre and likes his cousin
Look at Alex Bonilla neck
by Eli salcedo April 29, 2019
A kid who has a dirty neck and big lips and who is very dirty / a kid who dates his cousin
Don't be a alex bonilla.
by mugre watcher April 21, 2019
A sweet and adorable woman with big boobs and a nice booty, that has an amazing smile. The best personality with an amazing body that can sometimes get a little to horny around men alone.
by Nigha February 17, 2014
Mean to be with a girl named Brandi forever because he cares abt her
Aaron bonilla and Brandi look so cute together
by Aaron bonilla January 1, 2022
Kaley the best!! She will tell you the truth about she won't be fake and get out of her way or she'll go off but anyone she ight🔥🔥
by Donald fuck August 25, 2017