When something is so amazing that it gives you a boner.
Mostly applies to males.
Mark: Man that movie was so bonified.
Tom: It was that good eh?
Mark: Oh yeah I got the biggest boner right there in the theatre.
by sXe vGe March 09, 2010
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Incurable, incorrigable, hardened

Formed as a contamination of 'bone' and the suffix '-ify', seemingly analogous to 'petrify' or 'ossify', but consisting of a Germanic stem and a suffix of Latin origin.
Dave is a bonified mouse virgin. I’m going to have to give him a sumptuous feast that’ll have him licking his lips.
by JanTH November 09, 2011
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When working at a call center, and you get a customer on the phone and you ask him a simple question and you get a ridiculous answer.
"Ok sir/mamm what version of windows is currently on your computer?."
(while mic is muted)
"Man this customer is a Bonified Retard!"
by TSEngineer July 11, 2009
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