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Someone who smokes excessive amounts of marijuana using a bong. Usually these people hang around in groups of bongheads (often in a garage or a very unclean welfare house). The conversation in a house full of bongheads is usually about either mind numbing boring shit with no purpose or if they are intelligent bongheads the conversation will vary between aliens and star wars.
I told that bloody bonghead to be here half an hour ago.
by Poetic Justice May 27, 2004
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One whom is constantly smoking marijuana out of a bong.

A stoner who chooses a bong as their main smoking device.

To reciece a title the Bong Head, one must be able to smoke exsessively large bongs.
by Jake S December 10, 2006
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Someone who does't have the lungs to take a big hit off of a j or bowl, so they have to use their bong because of all the "toxins". Stop whining.
Chris' bongheaded ass coughed his lungs out from the stingiest hit I've ever seen.
by skankhater November 18, 2004
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