Word stoners or thuggish kids use to express urgency in the words, LEAVE!
The cops are here, bone out bone out!
My mom pulled up so I boned outta there.
by melebrate x August 03, 2005
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a hard calcifyed organ found in chordates
the mouse had three bones removed on saturday
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
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A dangeous man... wiccan and voodoo back ground. A ladies man than seems simple but is very complex. there is much more than meets the eye.
Double D?... We used to call him bones
by alan d. s. January 07, 2012
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Street name for Crack Cocaine. Known as the rock itself and the drug.
'Have you got a bone?' referring to the rock

'He is a bone dealer'
by moschino August 30, 2007
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The 2nd single off of The Killers sophmore album Sam's Town.
"Don't you wanna come with me?
Don't You wanna feel my bones
On your bones,
It's only natural"
by Mrs Brandon Flowers June 07, 2007
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Any alcohol drink which a camp male chooses to drink that generally can be defined as a womens drink. These include most alcopops such as smirnoff ice. Usually drunk instead of beer as they do not have the same tastes as most males.
"2 bones over here!"

"i had bare bones last nite"
by Tom Fraser October 05, 2006
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