the city of compton changed to bompton(bloods would change the C to a B)
"i am from da city of Bompton"
by durty d April 30, 2003
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Bompton is used by the bloods of Compton to avoid use of the letter C
I’m from Bompton nigga what chu bang
by ::XIV::209::14::LIVA$::C$W$:: February 6, 2018
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The most sacred thing to swear by ever. Usually used at the end of a sentence, this phrase signifies that you swear on the Holy City of Bompton , and take responsibility for whatever consequences may ensue by lying upon it. Only used by the highest class of people, as the responsibility is too much for any mere peasant to use it.
Zach: Dude I totally got her nudes last night.
Mason: Nah, on Bompton?
Zach: Deadass on Bompton.
by iZachyGangWeed March 8, 2019
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The city of Compton changed to Bompton (Desi guys from Brampton Ontario would change the C to B)
"I am from da city of Bompton"
by eferything January 17, 2019
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How Bloods say City of Compton because they
that C's from the Crips
by BLSSS January 8, 2009
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