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Indestructible, being constructed of such materials and in such a way that much abusive handling cannot cause considerable damage, if at all.
Dude, your car just drove over a landmine and you survived! That thing's bombproof!!!!!
by Genital Apparatus September 05, 2005
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An object that is apparently indestructible. Often used in reference to anything that has been overbuilt or had additional material welded to it.
Mike's new BMX is bomb proof!
by Chris Allen May 04, 2005
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Describes a horse or pony so calm and well trained that nothing scares them
"Awesome to see the modified hoyer (total) lift in the arena and the horses seem totally bombproof around it"
by HasFurTwins April 05, 2017
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To be be immune to almost every possible jumpscare where one would barely flinch, if at all.
I nearly crapped myself playing that game, yet here you are breezing through it. You're so bomb-proof!
by The Amazing Meh-man June 02, 2017
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