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Originating from England, this term has several meanings. Bollicks translates to balls in the States. Or it can be used as an interjection. Those are the only two meanings I know, but there are several others.
He is so brave his bollicks must be the size of watermellons.

Oh bollicks, I dropped fish and chips all over me suit.
by Armi December 07, 2004
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It is the British equivalent to saying something is "bullshit".
Friend 1: Did you hear Jeff was caught screwing his dads girlfriend?

Friend 2: Bollicks!
by Dreward December 06, 2007
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A misspelling of "bollocks" made by some Yank retard. But hey, it's not as stupid as voting for Bush, the war in Iraq, or eating so much shit food that you become a big fat fatty, like most of them are.
Yank: "Yee haw, bollicks means balls in Engerlandshire."
British Person: "Oh go and shoot a raghead for freedumb.. and torture his wife for dumbocracy."
by Anne Observer June 07, 2006
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