Anything which is bought in a 24 hour store after 2a.m. to aid an all night study session.
Student1: I'm so screwed for this exam 2 moro.
Student2(driver):it'll be grand lets go to dunnes.
Student1(gullible):ok!!(with enthusiasm)

They go and buy shit food.
The end.
by Evelyn the magnificent! April 23, 2008
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When your friend has food on their plate, but you cant tell the difference between shit and food.
Your friend has food on their plate.

It looks like real shit, so you ask them what it is.

They say its food.

You reply: "You have mistaken shit for food."
by cscherme March 06, 2009
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When you have eaten a lot of junk food and you sit down on the toilet to take a crap. Thirty minutes later you notice that the shit seems to have gotten stuck and is plastered to your hole, so you have to use an entire roll of toilet paper to get it out. In some cases just get off the toilet and take a shower.
I was late for class because I had a giant bag of Cheetos last night and it gave me the worst chain of junk food shits.

I had the junk food shits last night and I used an entire roll of toilet paper until I noticed that there was still shit all over my ass, so I decided to just take a shower instead.
by aomia February 25, 2010
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The kind of shit you take the morning after a long night of drinking. Not quite solid, not quite watery. Just a lump of shit that resembles dog food.
"Bill, come in the bathroom..."


"I had 6 pints of Guiness last night and I took the most richeous dog food shit!"

"Mondo sweet. Dont flush. I wanna see."
by Anthony Argiropoulos July 10, 2008
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