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this term is Afrikaans for "little buck" and it is used as a term of endearment for those you love. it is used almost exclusively by South Africans and South African Expats.
*son falls off of bicycle and concerned father yells*

Dad: Hey my bokkie, are you alright?

Son: Yeah dad, its fine. Just a little scratch.
by mr. south africa December 08, 2009
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Word (nick name) used in the song entitled "Bokkie" by the pre-famous band; Elefant.
look up Elefant on myspace. The song "bokkie" will be on it. they're a rad band. Other good songs by them would be Lolita and Misfit.
by UpYersPaulie* September 15, 2007
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Derogatory word that defines the so called better half of boykie. A bokkie is very wild and cannot be tamed. Known to have multiple boykie's, often relatives, without any shame or remorse. A bokkie also depends heavily on Klippies, Coke and Cortina to ensure survival. Found in or around Springs.
Marlene and Juanita, to name a small few
by Biscuit December 03, 2004
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