black man works in the toilets, pissing off as many people with offers of average aftershave and hand washing for excessive amounts money.

Also will rap for comedy value
'that dam bog wog made me give him a pound for him drying my hands!'

'bog wog was singing, FRESHEN UP FRESHEN UP song today'
by nigelchops July 28, 2006
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Irish catholic - derogatory

Resident of the bogside in Derry in the north if Ireland
Damn bog wogs . If they rioted like this in our African colonies we would machine gun the lot of them !
by PappaHinchMC ! June 14, 2006
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A Wog is a mythological creature closely related to a Dragon, typically found drinking Wog-Water (Beer) in living rooms and TV rooms across the Northern part of continental America, mostly in Canada. Common varients include the T-Wog which likes light lime beers and the L-Wog which doesnt drink true beer but instead drinks coolers.

A Bog Wog is a type of Wog that originates in a swampy or boggy area, usually found in the prairy region of Manitoba or Saskatchewan. Bog Wogs tend to spend significant ammounts of time associating with Bog Beavers and drinking Wog-Water.
"Hey Sue, I think a Bog Wog has settled in our living room."
"Hey you! Quit teasing my Bog Wog!"
by Dr. Mike Ph.D April 26, 2012
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A derogatory term used against a shitty wog who can't defend his food (unusual for a wog).
Jesse: man why'd you all steal my pie

The homie squad: fuck off WOG BOG
by Greenzyskum April 18, 2018
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