Squaddie Term for somebody who is seen as professional and ally asf
by REmFy sniper February 17, 2022
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A male usually over 30-35 years who has a nice physic still looks in shape but lacks tone or physic in the mid section, Man boobs are appearing and a belly that says 'I like pizza beers and kebabs' and playing slot machines while holding a beer,
Person 1:"Did you see Johno down the pub,He's not what he looked ten years ago"

Person 2: Yeah since he had a few kids and got married he gained on some pounds

Person 1: Yeah but he still toned though he's in good shape just rocking that spare tyre around his waist

Person 2: He's got that Dad bod

Person 1: It suits him though he's almost 40
by Billyking January 18, 2022
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The actual definition of a dad bod is a rather plump man, but not obese however the perceived definition depends on the gender

Boy: 🎅
Girl: 💪

*note: these are just stereotypes and absolutely may not apply to everyone in each category.
Girls: omg I love Harry styles dad bod!

Boys: that’s not a dad bod, this is! *🎅*
by Eddy Mondelez December 9, 2022
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The muscles of a man (who has had kids) that usually pertains in the arms, shoulders, and stomach
Sally: OH, Jerry I love your dad bod!!
Jerry: Thanks Sally that's what happens after 3 kids
by Rdnkldy5 November 4, 2023
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Similar to the Dad bod - a trend where men get to have a couple of extra pound and still be hot. The boob bod is the lady version. Because you have a couple extra pounds on you. You are soft all over like a boob.
by L.jane January 14, 2017
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When your lady body is no longer what it was. The unsettling and unfathomable phase your body enters into after the age of 25.
I am having trouble accepting this lady bod.

I can't eat carbs after 4PM, I have a lady bod.
by RayneOcean June 2, 2017
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