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The mans penis coming from the persian origin BOBOL.
Wow Heskels bobol is so large.
I wanna lick Ethan's bobol
He stuck his bobol inside of me.
Bache, beeya injah man micham bobol-et tow.
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by gooz June 10, 2016
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This is when 2 or more people plan on doing something but some people back out at the last minute.
Jim: Yo, did you still fuck her?
Jack: Nah mehn.. She bobol me.
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by LocoSavage767 December 31, 2018
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A fraud scheme. A plan to defraud. A scandalous theft. White collar crime. A racket.
Pyramid scheme. Getting people to invest with the sole intention of stealing from them.

The housing crash was caused by these banks making too much bobol.
by setitstrate November 04, 2011
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