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The act of slapping ones penis across the chin of a female to get her attention before ejaculation.
Last night I went home with a girl that didn't have a smoot, so I gave her the bobby knight....Bam!
by ShoeJew November 18, 2006
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Former men's basketball coach, Indiana University, where a lot of people loved him, and several NCAA national championships were won. Alas, political correctness and a butthead university president kicked out old Bobby because of his temper-caused issues with other people and objects. Mr. Knight now coaches at Texas Tech, in a real crappy part of Texas.
Bobby Knight doesn't coach here any more.
by Ex. Knight Fan May 08, 2006
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One of the winniest coaches in college basketbal history and one of its most controversial. He was the head coach at Indiana University for over 20 years and had numerous reports of alleged abuse toward players, staff and reporters. He is notorious for his outbursts of temper and red sweaters to match his face when the referees made a bad call against his team. One of Knight's most famous incidents involved throwing a chair onto the floor during a free throw shot resulting from a technical foul. His demise came in 2000 after a "final warning" issued by IU President, Miles Brand reagarding a videotap of Knight allegedly choking a player during practice. Later, a student at Indiana University allegedly made a sarcastic remark to Knight which resulted in his firing after reports surfaced accusing him of putting his hands on the student. Knight was fired in September of 2000 and is now head coach at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.
Bobby Knight has a serious temper problem and should be on medication. I love the guy.
by July 23, 2007
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