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a person who like to refer to himself in the third person, ran for president or sometin, was on the simpsons, snl, pepsi commerical, is pretty funny for an 82 year lod man
Where the hell are bob Doles pants-Bob Dole

bob dole needs to go to bob doles home and spend some quality time with bob doles wife-bob dole

Your Bob doles bitch-bob dole
by Vinnie Da Homeskillet January 14, 2005
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An old, Republican who ran against Bill Clinton in '96. Is ALMOST equivalent to Chuck Norris in awesomeness. With his sly third-person conversations and his inability to move his right arm, he will take all by surprise and destroy the competetion, except for Clinton.
Halo 3 match

Red: "Alright I'm gonna snipe this guy." *Aims rifle*

Blue: "Now where could Red be... UGH!"

*Blue disappears from Red's scope.*

Red: "Now what the hell...AGH!"

Blue (to Red) : "What the hell was that?"

Bob Dole : BOB DOLE!
by The_Bob_Dole_ July 04, 2010
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A guy who ran for president against Bill Clinton. Known for speaking of himself in the third person. Possibly the most infinitely awesome being on the earth. Appeared on the Simpsons, Family Guy, a pepsi commercial.
Bob Dole doesn't like this. Bob Dole doesn't like this one bit.

Bob Dole has the power!

Bob Dole AWAY!
by Nick12345 September 03, 2006
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Jesus Christ, Ghandi, and Chuck Norris all thrown into the same person. Known for singing Safety Dance and washing down loads of viagra with 2 liter bottles of pepsi.
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Bob Dole is secret code for smokin weed, or used if you are looking for marijuana
Have you seen Bob Dole? I was visiting Bob Dole on the way home.
by Unk Fester November 25, 2009
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The automatic answer to the question 'Who?' in any history class. Is usually best used in the 20th century, but has highest comedic effect when used in European history with idiotic profs.
Who married Anne Boyeln?
Bob Dole.
by Benjy Franks November 07, 2006
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Impotence; inability to get or sustain an erection. From former senator Bob Dole's admissions to erectile "difficulties" while commercial spokesman for Viagra.
I wanted to tap this hoochie yesterday but got the bob doles when I saw that hairy vag.


I was so drunk I got the bob doles and couldn't perform.
by YupJimmy1 December 30, 2005
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