defintion : a cigar which contains mary jane,smokable for all nations.

also : blunts take time to master, so practice the technique.(cut, empty, add weed, roll slowly holding the weed in place and wrapping the flap over, lick the end to make it stick, then dry.) works evey time
"I rolled me a fat blunt "<<<yeah buddy
by latinruby June 19, 2003
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a cigar (preferebly vanilla dutchmaster) de-leafed, gutted, steamed, and filled with a generous amount of lucious green nuggets covered in red hairs and crystals. Then cigar is re-rolled transforming it into a blunt.

Related terms: Gotti, L, Bliz
1. Joe, you'd better pass that blunt before I punch you in the face.

2. Damn, that is a fat blunt.
by RollersRespect July 07, 2003
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a cigar hollowed out with cannabis, the greatest thing youll smoke in your life
pass the blunt b
nah, nigga i aint done, my shits kirk
by ulto bane June 15, 2007
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normally a philly blunt. you bite off the end (where you would smoke if you werent rollin a b), and cut the blunt down the middle with a razor and empty the tobacco. you then make love to the inside and make it wet. you then fill it with a generous amount of pot and then you roll it up and spark it and blaze it.
yo go to the corner store and buy a strawberry blunt. roll one up with some bud i just got. this shit is amaazing! i smoked liek a nick and i got retarded. get a pack of new ports and we'lll blaze and blunt up, and listen to rap and play super nintendo niggaaa
by basicked September 15, 2005
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1. cigar paper rolled with weedinstead of tabacco
2. being strate foward
1. we bout ta light up a blunt
2. jus tell me the blunt truth
by x0HNiNE0NETHREE January 29, 2006
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A cigar filled with weed instead of cigar so instead of feeling nothing you get the best feeling in the world besides sex. smoke theese everyday and in no time you'll be into hendrix,buying food at its cheapest price like bk all the time, and fuckin stoned
yo son i just got 3 dutches to roll a ghotti why cant you move, bro i just rolled that haze into the nicest blunt
by jawanna man June 26, 2009
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To be upfront with a person speak your mind and say what has to be said.
"DANNNNG ben your hella blunt!"
by shhhlay May 19, 2005
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