The word an old man uses to refer to the completely different wireless system protocol Bluetooth. When this happens is is not wise to show any sign of amusement or the old man will get increasingly angry, possibly causing his heart to give out. This will be preceded by a noticeable twitch of his mustache.
Old Man : "Your trying to hack the internet with BLUERAY!??!"

Guy: *stifles laugh*

Old Man: *mustache twitches angrily* grabs chest.
by Snifferdog October 18, 2008
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A disc that is blue and holds an enourmous amount of content for the movie and special fetures. Also is High Defintion.
Blueray is going to be watched tonight!
by Armymanis January 04, 2008
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Blueray is used to describe the Blue-Spotted FanTail Stingray that lives in the northern tropical ocean of Australia.
Aw, look at that sweet blueray in the water. It's so spotty man.
by EndertheDefintionDefender March 27, 2018
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