A person of African American Heritage who has a purplish hew to the dental margins.
" Boy you-all doan want to get bit by one uh them Blue Gum N-Words! They bite is poisonouser than a rattlesnake!"
by J E Walker April 25, 2003
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A black person of the darker variety such that the gums are of a blue color.
Billy-Bob: No officer, I ain't robbed the liquor store. It was a damn blue-gum what did it.
by closetObamafan February 10, 2009
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Usually refers to a lazy black American who refuses to work.
Look at that ol blue gum just watching us do all the work!

Stop blue gumming and get to work!
by Chauncee Irving January 18, 2005
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a racial slur for an African American. Connotes a lazy, silly-dumb, manual laborer. Derogatory, but not as derogatory as the "n" word. You'll probably still get beat up if you use it in company.
Those blue gums up the crik eat nothin' but watermelons.
by Shumado April 10, 2015
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Any black person whose gums are blue in color. Used to differentiate from the more common pink-gummed black person.
Officer "Ma'am, is this the man who robbed you?"

Woman "No officer, this man's gums are pink, the man who robbed me was a bluegum"
by bocefusbehere December 11, 2009
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