"Ok, Bob, see you at the drop zone next weekend." "Sounds good, blue skies!"
by Mr. Baker April 9, 2008
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A term used in reference to Percocets or any generic derivative in the same family to ask your dealer inconspicuously whether or not they have any Percs (or other), aka 'blueberries', or if they can get some.
"Do you see blue skies over there?"
"Are the skies blue today?"

YOU: "What color is the sky today?"
DEALER: "Cloud, but with a chance of blue skies in an hour or so."
YOU: "Damn. Alright. Hit me up ASAP!"
DEALER: *click*
YOU: "I hope that fucker remembers to call me."
by TJCE April 20, 2009
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A code word for when girls are on their period and people are around and are in need of a pad or tampon or something of that sort.
Aubre:"Hey Victoria you don't look soo good are you ok?"
Victoria:"NO!! I'm dying Blue Skies started today I want to kill everyone and everything"
Aubre:"I'll go get you so chocolate and a tampon"
by _.Queen._.Victoria._ October 1, 2017
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