Aubre is a sweet, loving and kind girl who is really shy. When she is around her friends, she definitely isn’t shy though. She is that friend who always has her friends back no matter what and she is always up for an adventure. If you have a best friend like Aubre, you will never want to get rid of her
Man, Aubre is such a nice girl, I wish I could be friends with her.
by Lol1003 November 20, 2018
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He is the finest nigga ever, he may be short but he is sweet as hell, you can tell him anything and nobody else will know
Damn Aubre is fine.
by a_grave October 20, 2019
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Aubre Shitwell is a very kind and funny person that could light up a whole room with one smile. She is the mother of her group of friends and your mother might ask you "why cant you be more like Aubre?". She'll love you unconditionally and stand up for your ideas even though they might be hella stupid. she will tell you when your're wrong and maybe even tell you to eat her ass.
"wow thats a very beautiful person her name must be Aubre Shitwell"
by XOKAT August 26, 2018
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