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Drunk, center of attention, annoying, embarassing, black out drunk, horny prude that wont suck dick, strippers best friend, free drinks, dick horder, cry baby who wreckers her car, croc tears in the beer, bartenders, dj's and liars welcome cause she always open(her legs are), kicked out and back in, vodka, and real tits.
Dude, Steve was so aubre last night. I'm not even talking to him anymore, I hate it when people get all aubre.

I aubred last night, I don't know how I got home.

I got so aubre on that dude, I feel like such a slut.

Eveyone calls me an aubre like it's a bad thing, I just like to drink and fuck dudes.
by Netty'sGirl February 04, 2010
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