A blue flag stands for penis loss. A wise geman person ones said that hoisting a purely blue flag, or at least a blue flag without any symbol on it, indicates that the hoisting person has lost his phallus.
Person A: "Look there, captain, those poor men hoist a blue flag"
Person B: " These poor souls...."
by YourWiseAdvice April 17, 2022
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A crips bandana, flag or otherwise used bandana.
Don't want to wear my blue flag in the hood, for fear that a blood might shoot me while suspecting me to be a crip.
by Wutwutwutwutla July 20, 2006
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Generally a blue bandana, most commonly used by Los Angeles street gang known as the Crips.
"You see the blue flag in his left pocket? That's a Crip."
by VQC BK December 18, 2009
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The Bonnie Blue Flag was a flag used by Confederate soldiers as an informal military flag, and is the subject of a famous marching tune, "The Bonnie Blue Flag"
Hurrah! Hurrah! For Southern rights hurrah! Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star!

Robert was very proud of himself when he was designated bearer of the Bonnie Blue Flag
by Matisyahu May 24, 2006
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F1 Flags waved for Nicholas Latifi, Lance Stroll, or previously, Nikita Mazepin.

Blue Flags tell a driver to let cars through that are a lap ahead.
Nikita Mazepin is Blue-Flag Sexual. He is attracted to blue flags.
by 33samtrbr April 13, 2022
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A fag hag, in gay slang, a woman who associates either mostly or exclusively with gay and bisexual men.

Blue flags are frequently stereotyped as outgoing women who are seeking a substitute for heterosexual relationships, or who are secretly (or openly) sexually attracted to gay men. In fact, many women who identify as blue flags are already in romantic relationships, either with straight men or with women, but seek out the alternative experience of socializing with gay men.
She's a 10 but she's a blue flag.
by March 23, 2023
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1. A Blue bandana, a standpoint marking for the street gang called "Crisps" in los angeles

2. A moment raised whenever there are usual signs to show that the guy/girl are going to be eventually cucked; rejected for someone else for pretty obvious reasons
1. you better watch out for them, he's got a blue flag; he's part of a street gang.

2. it is usualy a blue flag in anime where one of the main love interests for the main character in the anime is a childhood friend, their going to be rejected for the suddenly new person, or which ever (girl/guy) is bigger on the poster.
by WhiteEden January 4, 2019
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