A word used to describe someone who is shit at driving.
by BeZhinga May 9, 2021
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A 2021 F1 driver for Haas who sends his time using his fame to get fans to send him nudes, and posting videos of himself groping drunk girls. Will stay in F1 with daddy's cash
Did you see that guy going after drunk girls?

Yeah he should lose his job.

He won't though, he's a right Mazepin and never faces consequences.
by Shellchief December 26, 2020
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Every track on the F1 circuit became a little easier when the Mazepin was removed.
by Bad_Sign March 9, 2022
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best driver in f1 clear of pewis pamilton
mazepin is the gaot
by oswaldinhio March 31, 2022
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Groping a woman and then posting it online which afterwards you have to deny it.

This was made famous by the part time f1 driver and full time fuck wit Nikita Mazepin.
For example Nikita Mazepined that girl girl last night and posted it on my tictok
by Shaditoes December 1, 2021
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