1.when you dont have to do any work eg. in class

2. when you just lay around all day
1.that was such a bludge lesson

2. i just bludged all day
by spamy April 5, 2003
The Australian layman's word for 'procrastination'
I think I'm gonna bludge around a bit today
by Raii April 4, 2007
1. (when intr, often foll by on) to scrounge from (someone)

2. (intr) to evade work

3. (intr) Archaic to act as a pimp

a very easy task; undemanding employment
* This guy just bludge at work

* He was sacked for bludging on the job.

* Hey dude.. stop bludging!!!!!!
by don loco February 11, 2010
blunt sludge. BLUDGE. a brown liquid that forms at the end of a blunt. it appears when the tobacco wrap is overwhelmed with too much saliva (otherwise known as nigger lipping). it stains everything it touches! don't get it on yo polo.
person #1: whats this shit on my damn lip??

person #2: that's bludge you nig nog!
by muhnameizdrew February 1, 2009
to beat or hit
to strike someone with high intensity
i will bludge you over the head
by schro October 15, 2006
Someone who is beautiful, lush looking, and gorgeous!!!

Basically means FIT!

Originated In Devon
That Beezy is well Bludge
by c.l.a.i.r.e. March 18, 2008