A term to describe the act of smoking meth. If smoked correctly, when the person exhales, the smoke looks like white, puffy clouds. PNP people blow clouds.
I was sucking him as he was blowing clouds.
by jangajinga September 21, 2009
Playing wrong notes or sour notes on a wind instruments.
Don't ever hire those musicians again! They kept on blowing clouds at the party!
by pentozali August 6, 2009
smoking cocain or meth,clouds are the exhaled smoke
lets blow clouds and have wild sex !
by Rick H April 7, 2007
The use of a mechanical MOD (E-Cigarette) with a Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) sometimes built Dual Coil. When used properly one can inhale from the MOD and exhale creating a cloud of water vapor covering a larger area then any other inhalant device.
"Dude I want that guys vape! He's taking small hits and blowing clouds effortlessly"
by Red_Suns_Kid July 23, 2013