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When you give someone you love a valentine confessing your true feelings on Valentines Dayand they reject you and you feel really suicidal from recieving the bloody valentine.
Andrew: What's wrong with Cody?
Jesse: He just got a bloddy valantine. He's a wreck.
Jenny: Oh I gave out 50 bloody valentines last year, I don't see what the big deal is.
Jesse: Only you could say that.
by Darth_`Eowyn January 24, 2007
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A sexual situation in which a girl is giving a guy head while he's rubbing her Vaginal area with his foot, which gets her extremely excited. therefore, the girl to bites down HARD on the guys dick, causing him to bleeed. Sucks.
Bro i was gettin it from Cindy last nght... but all of a sudden i got a bloody valentine!
by VickiDefiner February 12, 2009
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When a bitch is on her period and she wants to ride on the meat train. Even more ironic on valentines day.
Karl: Yo bro what did ya gurl getcha last night.
Brad: Shit man all i got was a bloody valentine.
by Skeetches McPeaches February 14, 2011
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