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known also as YBG , young blood gang is a gang created in July 18th , 2018 by Joseph Bradshaw. young bloods have a gang sign , make an O cut it with the pinky, the cover it up (if you are in it you know what it means) All members are meant to keep the peace and real with everyone , no fake people allowed. also they are know to grow from 2 boys to 200 in 2 months , young bloods refer to each other as brudders and we/they all the young blooded generation. Ya gotta love yourself and others, no homo
aye whats the hand thing your doing?
oh, its the "Young Blood Gang"had sign.
how do i do it
sorry cant help ya gotta be real
damnnnn , u bit*h
thats what mean
by 701CodeHero September 13, 2018
its slang for 50 British pounds, and or making a reasonable bet
"50 quid i make it"
"ha sure 50 quid u wot mate"
"i swear on mi mum"
by 701CodeHero October 18, 2017