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blonde + wannabe

1.A fake blonde. Some one who dyed their hair blonde to seem more attractive or cooler

2. Someone who wishes they were a blonde because they think it makes them cooler or prettier.
Lindsay Lohan

N~ "Omg did you see Annie's hair!!!?!?! She went from just highlights to full on blonde!"
L~ "She is such a blondabe"

G~ "Omg!!! The shampoo that was supposed to make my hair blonde didn't work!!! OMG! *cry*"
L~ " Shut up, blondabe!"
by Nicky Ashley February 13, 2011
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A person rejected from society because they were neither pretty or smart who dyes their hair blonde and act like a blond to be accepted.
The blondabe was looking intently at the statue and asked it if it was going to move. Sadly no one believed she was serious.
by dniweR December 25, 2011
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