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A man who is heterosexual, except when under the influence of cocaine. Then and only then he will engage in sex acts with other men. Sometimes these are relationships of convenience, as when yayo-induced hypersexuality overrides propriety. Or when two (or more) horny cokeheads are too paranoid to leave the motel room, and subsequently turn to each other. Other times, it is a form of prostitution, as when a crackhead is so desperate to suck the glass dick, he will suck yours if need be. These distinctions become blurry over time. However, a true gold-star blomosexual indulges purely for the love of a tingly tongue and another man's loose hairy sphincter. The morning sun brings merciful amnesia, blotting out all memory of the night before.
Pam: "Raymond did coke last night, and they caught him sucking some guy off in the men's room."
Sharon: "I didn't know that Raymond was gay."
Pam: "Not gay -- just blomosexual. And now he has herpes."
by Robin Sham February 04, 2008
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A man who considers himself straight, but allows gay men to perform oral sex on them.
I'm not gay but when I was in prison I was a blomosexual.
by blacksheeep September 01, 2010
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