Of, or related to being a bloke.
Over-interest in machinery, sports, beer, or an unabashed pre-occupation with sex are all very blokey things.
by LordDeathKill May 10, 2007
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is the same as dude, bloke or a fellow
That blokey's so rad; it aint even funny
by whitesin October 8, 2006
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Name for men who are old fat and hairless. Mostly smell like rotting shit and spunk. Time wasters and wankers.

Someone who smells and wanks alot is refered to as a "Blokey"
Man 1 "Mate you smell have you been in all day wanking?"

Man 2 "Yer"

Man 1 "Your such a blokey"
by bobbobbobbob September 25, 2006
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A guy who is very masculine in an old fashioned way. Would never wear an earing or jewelery other than a wedding ring. Likes to drink beer, pints are best! Likes a drink with the lads and a good game of football (play or watch)a general good skin!! suspicious of wine bars or fancy bars, way to pretentious for a Bloky Bloke.
Look at Jimmy playing football with his kids. He's a real Blokey Bloke.
by Stevie Robo May 31, 2007
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blokey pants is a term used for 1. a man 2. a perverted man with long hair and slightly psychopathic personality. Blokey pants usually lurks around pubs and bars practising lunging movements and ploughing many women (and blokes).
'blokey pants get over here with your big weapon'

'what a beast! oh... he must be a blokey pants'

'unge lunge... dont worry about him, its just a blokey pants in action again
by angel555 September 16, 2010
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