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Short for blowjob it's really just the same thing, except people who are lazy who dont wanna say the full word (as they want to save their breath for practicing the fine art of cunnlingus) tend to use this word. Please dont use it in a negative connotation.
"I need a bloj so bad right now"
"I hear Ty Girl gives a sweet bloj!"
"Sick, Dude"
by Jihad November 23, 2003
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when a girl give you a blow job with a mouth full of Oj "orange juice".
Betty gave me the best blo-j of my life it was so wet and awsome my junk was so clean afterwards i had to practically pry her from my junk... plus it smelt like sunny-d for a week fo sho...
by Tuffy mc fluffy February 29, 2008
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