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Clear, gelatinous, viscous bodily fluid deposited from an undetermined orifice. The source is assumed to be vaginal, but anecdotal evidence has included male bloaches. Stages of the bloach include fresh gel, pudding skin, and clear gummy bear. Causes include verklemption, elation, infirm vagina, and surprise.
Did you see that fresh bloach someone left behind the women's toilet on the 4th floor of the Foege building at UW?

When I poked it with a q-tip, I realized the bloach had reached the pudding-skin stage.

This bloach is chewy!
by PubicZirconia February 17, 2011
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An extremely obese, female girl/woman; usually found with a group of hotties. Known for cock-blocking because it never gets any action. Frowned upon by society.
That bloach needs to hit the gym before I vomit everywhere.
by Nadalfan33 April 10, 2011
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n;The burnt remains of a marijuana cigar. n; the roach from a blunt. plural bloaches.
After Dan made $4000 in a week all you could in each of the five ashtrays throughout the house were bloaches. There was a bloach literaly in every ashtray in the house. WORD
by Benny B from the V A N C May 14, 2006
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A transliterations of Baloch. The balochs inhabit the region of Balochistan in the southeast corner of the Iranian plateau in Southwest Asia, including parts of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
The bloach speak Balochi, an Iranian language.
by baluch June 07, 2009
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Blown out (bloached out), blunt roach, lowest THC containing marajuana
Yeah all I can get is that bloach so u should come back next week
Pass that bloach, son!
Yeah that bitch I got with was bloached out...I couldn't even feel the sides!
by slimPickensse0 June 11, 2010
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The act of relaxing the anus to the point where an entire grapefruit can fit inside with ease.
Johnny: hey Bill you seem relaxed
Bill: ya the wife had me bloach last night !
by Bobthebuildersuglysister August 26, 2019
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